Wednesday, February 6

I wish I may ...

Sweet Jessica at Farm Fresh (seriously, her girls are ridiculously adorable!!) tagged me with this meme. Like over a week ago. I have procrastination issues. Back off! So here's the directions: post two wish lists; 5 material wishes and 5 spiritual or more meaningful wishes. Then tag five people. We'll see about the five people part, but here goes on the wishes!

List 1:

1. I wish we lived further out in the country, with a bigger house (to fill with more little people and guests!) and a bigger piece of land (to fill with more chickens, guineas, goats, and a ginormous garden).

2. I wish we were foster parents. (This will happen, God willing, in the future, when our kids are older, but hey!, I'm really impatient.)

3. Is a hope a wish? I wish (hope) that all my seeds would properly sprout this season, and that we wouldn't have quite as much rain as we had at the beginning of last spring (seriously, all my plants drowned last year. Two weeks after I planted them all. I'm not kidding), and a little more rain throughout the summer.

4. I wish I had a grain mill, so I could take forever to take it out of the box, struggle to find a place to put it, take months to buy grain, mess it up the first few times, use it sporadically, and make a huge mess throughout the entire process grind my own wheat to make my awesome bread.

5. I wish we had the money to remodel the kitchen, because every time I cook, I end up frustrated about the wonky layout, hateful stove, and my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad oven. (Hey, 10 bonus points of you can name that book!)

List Two:

1. I wish John's job was a little easier. Not the actual, physical part of the job, but the emotional, stressful, round-and-round part. (I can't go into to much, but my wonderful man has worked for Chili's for over 19 years, and they should be treating him better than they are.) I pray about this every single day.

2. I wish John and I prayed together. Other than at meals.

3a. I pray that God will continue to show Himself to me, and that I would be open and sensitive to the things He wants me to learn.

3b. I wish I might learn everything God wants me to learn when Charlie Clough comes to our church next month. (A post probably coming on Dr Clough later, but check out his website for now. Read the front page, 'About Charlie,' and 'About the Framework' for a good little teaser!)

4. I wish I was better with words when I speak to people about God. I feel like I can sympathize with Moses sometimes, when God told him that he was going to convince the nation of Israel to leave Egypt. (Moses was all, 'Seriously? Have you heard me talk? It's not that great. Me no speak good.' Ok. Sorry. He didn't actually say that. He really said this.) I just don't think well on my feet. I really admire people who have all this information in their heads, and can access it when they need it, and are able to answer at a moment's notice. I stutter, and get nervous (I'm pretty shy), and forget everything I've ever learned, and I pull blanks.

5. I wish I had more patience. Although, maybe not, because a friend of mine told me when she first got married that she prayed for patience, and ended up with five kids under the age of eight. God has a wonderful sense of humor, people! So maybe I wish I had more wisdom.

So, there you go. Me. I can only think of a few more things I would have put on the first list (like an unlimited gift card to Starbucks!), but an endless amount of things for the second.

I'm going to tag Jesnicole, Heidi, and Jeanne. I am sad in the few number of friends I have. Well, maybe I'm not. Most of my friends just aren't online!!


At A Hen's Pace said...

I'll play along...eventually! I'm a procrastinator too. So I have a couple of obligation posts to get up first!



jesnicole said...


Kelli said...

Its from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and if it were more appropriately named it would be Kellli and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Job and Boss! Thanks for reminding me to pray for the wisdom to understand God's plan during this very frustrating time. I enjoy your blog so much!

Jessica said...

I echo #2 in list 2 Totally. I read this book when we were engaged called When Couples Pray & it's a fantastic book, but I'm still praying for it in our family!