Tuesday, June 12

David, or The Cutest Baby Ever.

Here's some pictures of my sweet baby. Enjoy!

Here he is in the wagon, one of his new favorite things. Basically, we just fold a huge blanket in half a few times, stuff it in the wagon, then add the baby. He just sits there like a little angel, unless we try to take his picture, in which case, he hams it up like always.

Here's his first sink bath. He probably won't have many more, because my life is so much easier when I bathe all three in the tub at the same time. And I don't have to worry about him trying to escape while I'm taking pictures.

Like this. It took two adults to keep that slippery little tree frog in the sink. Bad baby. :)

And last, but not least, a hug for you!!

I'll put teeth pics up as soon as I get them.

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Valerie said...

So precious!! What a gorgeous baby :D