Thursday, June 21

Well ...

I'm still here, but busy as usual. Sam's party went swimmingly. We only had about 35 people out here (more than half were kids), which was nice, because I was expecting more like45-50. I have fajita meat coming out of my ears, and am totally loving it!! We start thank you notes this evening, and should finish tomorrow.

The kids are more than halfway through their reading curriculum, and we have started back up with math and signing. I have the best signing course. Ever. We learned a new song today.

My big tomatoes are finally turning red, as are my peppers. I love green bells, but John hates them, so I don't mind letting them turn red.

We're driving to Katy for a little day trip, coming back Saturday, maybe early afternoon.

I got some new running shoes, and a new bike, and I am veeery excited about both. However, I got them on Tuesday and have yet to use either (for their intended purpose, at least ...), so I should be able to run or bike tomorrow morning.

Now, off to make supper, and hopefully get some good sleep this evening ... something which has been eluding me lately. Hmm.

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