Friday, June 22

I'm so excited and proud of myself!!

... for a few reasons. First, we're going to visit my mom this afternoon, which is always fun. Also, today is Friday, which means it is Farmers' Market Day. We love that! But, here's the real reason: I and rocking out on my budget this pay period!!

After paying $60 for part of my new bike and new shoes, that leaves me with $170 for the next two weeks. $25 goes to my IRA, and $25 goes into my savings account, leaving me with $120 for groceries for the next two weeks. I bought all my WalMart groceries for just under $30, and all my HEB groceries for just under $30. My total is now at $60. I took $40 in cash for the Farmer's Market, so that leaves me with $20 extra, in case I want to get a cup of coffee (have I mentioned that we have a Starbuck's finally??) or some Taco Bell.

That means that I'll be feeding our whole family on $50 per week, including meat and dairy. This has been my goal for quite a while, and I hope I can keep it up. I really am completely excited that I was able to do it!!

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Pearls of Wisdom said...

That is fantastic! Great job. I love doing that too.

Angel ():)