Wednesday, June 13

What I Grow to Eat

Since I've been having so much fun with my camera and new lens lately, I thought I'd share a little of my world with y'all. Today, a small sample of the things I grow that we consume.

My swiss chard. I don't grow enough (this year) to be on my own, so I still buy some from Erica at the Farmer's Market.

My strawberries! I didn't have any success last year with these guys (sequoias, I think?), so I made a few changes, like growing them in a container. I have a lot less bug problems, and these things have grown so much since I got them! I was very pleasantly surprised. They taste great, too. I'll have many more next year.

Green beans. Climbing Kentucky Wonder, to be precise. One of my favorites. We'll have about four times this many next year. Mmmmm ... the kids and I love to eat 'em right off the vine.

My Husky Cherry Reds. Since I took this picture last week, they've started turning red. Just off this plant, we're getting 2-4 tomatoes each morning.

Pumpkins ... we think. I wasn't going to plant pumpkins again this year, because while I think they're beautiful, I just didn't have much luck with them last year. But as it turns out, a lot of the seeds got mixed into the compost so late in the winter that they never ... well, composted. So when we put the compost down, all these pumpkin plants started coming up in the middle of the tomatoes! So I transplanted four plants, and three have made it, so far. Which brings me to my next picture ...

A baby pumpkin! Ain't he cuuute?? I love him. I named him Steve. Yes, I sometimes name my produce. We won't be eating this one, if he makes it that far.

This is a new one, too. Kentucky (something) Spearmint. Not as tasty as the regular, which I also grow, but its awful purty, don't 'ya think?

And last, but not least, the reason my grandmother loves me. Red tomatoes. These babies are Sweet 100's, a great patio plant for those of you who can't garden for various reasons. They are so easy to grow. We have three this year.

I have several other herbs I grow and dry throughout the year, and some other veggies, too. I'm getting to plant a new crop of something in the next few weeks, because I have a huge space available in my garden. Because of all the rain, my garlic and onions all died. Happened to a lot of people this year, apparently. I'll let you know what I decide on ...

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Valerie said...

Yummy! We don't have much of a yard, so its just a few tomatoes, pepper plants, and herbs for us...But next year--Oh I have high hopes :D