Friday, June 29

Kill. Me. Now.


It all started Monday night/Tuesday morning, about 1:45, when Sam threw up. He kept throwing up until Tuesday night, around midnight. (7 times. He counted.) Then Evie threw up Wednesday night, but only once, and has just been a little puny since then. But then ... Oh, but then. Then came Thursday afternoon. I started to feel a little 'off,' but thought it was just because I was tired from being up three nights with vomiting kids and not eating enough. By 7pm, I had sent Sam and Evie upstairs to play, and David crawled laps around the coffee table while I had to lie, completely miserable, on the couch. I sent everyone to bed early, around 8:15, and stumbled back to the couch. And then I started throwing up.

As a general rule, I don't get sick. I have had only one minor cough since last Thanksgiving, and that only lasted about 12 hours. My sweet husband was able to go by the store on the way home from work (at 1:30 in the morning) and pick up some Instant Breakfast and PediaPops. I admit it, I love them ... Then he didn't have to be at work today until 4, so all I really had to do was nurse the baby a few times. I tried to be good, and still get some stuff done. I washed a load of clothes, and folded what was in the dryer (while I was in bed, of course), and I ironed John's work clothes. He took the older kids to the park and to run some errands, so I could catch up on some important things ... like reading some great Dickens in the bath tub ... and sleeping. And eating PediaPops. And sleeping some more.

The baby is sick, too, but not near as bad at I am. He threw up a few times last night, probably after I did, but he never cried, so I had no idea until John brought him to me this morning, and we had to change all his blankets. He has still been in a surprisingly good mood (unlike certain other people who are writing this blog entry ...), just a little milder. More inclined to snuggle, which he rarely does when he's wide awake.

Praise God, John hasn't been sick yet. I love him, but I don't like him as much when he gets sick. He has been so wonderful at taking care of me, and has called a few times to check on me. Wonderful man. I sure do love him something fierce!!

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