Monday, September 3

Mangosteen? Mango-what??

So, a while back I mentioned that I was trying something new, and I'm ready to share.

I get the magazine Above Rubies (check out my links to the right ... it works now, I just tried it!), and Nancy Campbell, the amazing woman who puts the whole show together, is always giving health tips. She has traveled to SE Asia with her husband to do missions work, and fell in love with the fruit mangosteen (not related to the mango ...). It isn't really available here in the US, which is a shame, because the health benefits are amazing. She was very excited to see a little while ago that a man in Canada has come up with a way to make a juice out of the fruit and rind, so you get the goodness of the whole fruit.

The juice is sold under the name XanGo. I decided to give it a try, and ohmygoodness, I just love it!! The juice is aprox 85% mangosteen, with a few other fruits (blueberry, raspberry, pear, etc) added to smooth the taste. The taste is wonderful, by the way!! The juice is packed with antioxidants, and is good for a variety of other things. It is also a known anti-inflammatory. I have seen a jump in my energy, and my knees haven't been bothering me like they normally do.

Hello, I have three kids under 6. I'll do just about anything to help my energy!!

The juice isn't cheap; it retails for around $40 per bottle. Each bottle is 750mL, the size of a normal bottle of wine. After trying and loving the juice, I went ahead and signed up to be a distributor, so I get a discount. I originally signed up just for the discount, but have decided to start looking into the business side, too. The company, also called XanGo, is a network marketing company, kind of like Avon or Pampered Chef. Buuuuut ... unlike those companies, you don't have to throw the parties!! (I mean, you can, but you don't have to!) I've been wanting something I can do from home, that will still allow me to homeschool and basically not change my routine at all. I'm really excited!

And have I mentioned how much I loooove this juice?? :) Cause I do! Now, I have to say, not everyone loves it like I love it. My mom tried it and never saw any changes (but she only tried one bottle). But my friend Kristie has been taking it since I have, and she's completely addicted, too.

If you're interested in something you can do from home and bring in a few extra dollars (you probably won't get rich anytime soon unless you're willing to work at it like a full time job), this could totally be for you. Let me now if you have any questions ... I'd love to answer them.

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