Monday, February 5

Back to work ...

Ah, things are returning back to normal. All company has gone home. We had a wonderful time with everyone. Sherry's friend Phyllis is super cool!! Then Dad andWes came out, and we just LOVE our new smoker. We've missed church for the last 3 Sundays, and I am so ready to get back!! I don't have Bible study this week, because Wednesday is Valentine's Day. Yay!! Of course, John is working, but that's ok. We'll have our Valentine's the next day. :)

We spent a large amount of time today working outside and planning for the spring. We are expanding the garden so it will be about twice as large, and we'll be building a chicken coop in a few weeks. We are still clearing a lot of the front half of our land, and of course there's always the everyday upkeep, too. So we've been, and will continue to be, very busy! Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pics up soon of David, Evie, and Sam, and of the things we're working on.

Please pray for me. I need wisdom, patience, and discipline with the kids and with my house. I have good days, and then sometimes, everything just seems to fall apart. I may post more about this later. But for now, please just pray for me!! :)

Off to do yet amother load of laundry .. I love that the sun is out, and I can use my clothesline again!!! Yay!!!

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smarshmallow said...

Hey, would you email me? I can't remember yours and I don't know if the one that I have is right. I have a couple of questions that I need a Brea opinion Well, I am off to make a pot of tea....just one of those days!