Saturday, February 3

Busy Day

We've got a lot to do today! This morning, we've got to give everyone (me included, lol!) baths, and get the place looking nice, because John's mom and a friend of hers are coming over. :) Yay!! I have been so blessed to have a MIL like I have. Then my dad and wonderful Wes are coming over this afternoon or evening and staying the night. Luckily, I did a lot around the house yesterday, so I don't have to completely bust my butt to get the place clean.

The kids have discovered the show Man vs Wild, largely thanks to Ryan Cecil, who introduced it to me when I was staying at their place. I must confess, I completely love this show. The host's name is Bear. How can you not love someone named Bear? And if you rearrange the letters in 'bear,' it spells 'Brea.' Hmmm .... fascinating!! :)

So now, I need to convince my kids to stop talking about Bear for 10 minutes, so I can bathe them. What trouble-makers I have, and how much I really do love them!!!!

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