Tuesday, February 13

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Kids, we're going to talk about something very important today. It is something that most of us don't get enough of, but it's so simple!! Adding some to your day can make you feel so much better. It can help your skin, your blood pressure, your hair, your energy level, how often you get sick, mood swings, how 'regular' you are, it can even help with your weight. What, exactly, am I talking about?

WATER, of course!! Ladies, this is something that is so important to our bodies, and it couldn't be simpler to add to our days. Here's how I make sure I get a ton of water every day. (Keep in mind that I'm still nursing, so I need even more water.)

We're finally drinking coffee again, but only about a cup each morning for each of us. Since coffee actually dehydrates you, you need to compensate for this and drink extra. When I wake up, before I even rinse off my face or change clothes, I pour myself a glass of water. I make sure to down the whole thing before my coffee is ready, so I just carry my glass with me wherever I go. With breakfast, I usually have a cup of milk and a cup of juice, so those add to my liquid total. I have at least one more large glass before lunch, usually while we're doing school and I feed David. Then I have a glass with lunch. And a glass before, during, and after the kids' nap time. And a glass with supper. And a glass before bedtime.

Ok, that sounds like a lot. And it kind of is. But it doesn't feel like it to me, because I'm so used to it. One way you can make sure you're adding to your daily water is to always have a full glass of water beside you, and take a sip every time you think about it. Also, cut out the caffine!! Drink less coffee. Switch to decaf or half-caf. And remember that iced tea and soft drinks have a ton of caffine. If you get the decaf, it still has a ton of sugar and things that really aren't that good for you, so you should probably cut those out anyway. Or at least cut down.

Start drinking fruit and veggie juices. Not the kind that have anything added, not 'juice cocktails.' But the real stuff. It's one way to add to your servings of fruit and veggies, and to your liquid count. It can be as nice as a snack in the afternoon, or something sweet mid-morning.

In review? Drink more water!! It is a natural way to detox, helping your skin and every other part of your body. Enjoy!!

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