Tuesday, February 6

On the bright side

The sun is out!! This is the second absolutely amazing day in a row that we've had!! And can I just say that I am having an awesome hair day?!?!?

Evie and I went to the scrapbook store this morning, and then up to HEB for groceries. Yay! to having food in the house again. I've been having a hard few days with her, and this was just what we needed. All three boys stayed at home, and John said they had a nice time. But Evie and I had a blast during our Girl Time.

Does anyone else have laundry issues? There's only 4 1/4 people in this house, and yet somehow, there always seems to be a ton of laundry! I literally have 4 loads of (clean, unfolded) laundry on my couch right now, and my hamper is still full. Maybe if I just get bigger hampers ... :)

I talked to my wonderful Sarah last night!! She is doing much better after having her tonsils out over a week ago. She also gave me some wonderful ideas about making cards and such. I'm excited to get started soon! Thanks, Sarah!! I love living where I do, our place is so wonderful, but I miss being close to some of the people I love a lot.

So all in all, this has been a very encouraging day, which I really needed. I think God lets us have hard days to teach us and help us grow, but He is also a God of great mercy, and blesses us with some truly great days, and truly wonderful people, too.

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