Friday, February 9

Off I go!

I'm leaving in a few hours for my Women's Retreat at Camp Tejas. Yvonne Welch is our speaker, and while I've personally not hear her speak, she has a reputation on our church for being wonderful. So I am just a tad excited!! David is coming with me, and Sam and Evie are staying here with my most wonderful husband. He is so sweet to me!!

We spent the whole day in Georgetown on Wednesday. Oh joy, oh joy. Oh, well. Then we left and came home and made a fire. That part was fun. :)

I was up before 6 this morning, so I could make Crepe Breakfast Quiche!! They turned out really well; it's a great 'company is here' breakfast. I just wish I had made the crepes ahead of time like I normally do. It takes about an hour and a half just for the crepes, because the batter has to rest in the fridge for an hour. But it never ceases to amaze me how easy crepes are!! I love it!! We finally ate a little after 8. And while slicing a star fruit (which we call Sea Star Fruit) I managed to gash my thumb!! It's a small cut, but really deep. And there wasn't even anyone awake that I could complain to, or show my blood to. If I'm going to be hurt, darn it, I want to whine about it!! :)

So now I'm off to shower and finish packing. Woohoo!!! I hope everyone has a wondefully blessed weekend!! :)

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Katie said...

Camp Tejas was AWESOME! Too bad it's too cold to go on the zip line. Woah, the memories from that place!