Wednesday, March 28


We all learned about cause and effect in school, right? Same general principal as 'every action has an equal, if not greater, reaction.'

Action: hand 4-year-old a camera, and teach him how to take pictures. Make sure this is a digital camera, so as to not waste all film ever made. Also, teach him how to check the picture right after he takes it.

Reaction: 4-year-old takes picture of Dad when Dad isn't looking and really isn't all that awake yet and is picking his teeth.(Ladies, now you understand why I have a problem keeping my hands to myself!! What's not to love about this sexy beast??)

Action: Above-mentioned adorable kid keeps practicing with the camera.

Reaction: Camera skills drastically improve!
If this was a slightly larger picture, you could see that I have on a very cute toe ring (which I haven't taken off in over 3 years) and fabulously painted toenails. Light pink. Works very well on my feet.

Action: Just ignore the amature photog, and pretend like you are looking each and every time he takes a picture, flips the function over, and shows you the picure on the screen.

Reaction: You are really surprised when you realize that he hit the money shot of the baby, his favorite subject!
Awwww!! Ain't that the cutest little critter you'd ever seen?? He looks as surprised to see me as I am to see him.

Action: You are very, very attracted to the man that will one day become your husband.

Reaction: Babies!!!! Yay!!!!!!
Sam really is reading to David; this time its out of his favorite Calvin and Hobbes book. Both Sam and Evie love to read and sing to David, as often as possible.

Well, the garden is done. I had to pull out all the spinach, because I planted it a little too late this year, then the rain came and killed all the seeds that had just started to grow. I can live with that, because we need the rain!! I had to replant all but two of my garlic, but that takes so long to grow anyway that a few weeks won't make a difference. Pepper plants are in, as are all the herbs. I'm growing two kinds od spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, lavander, lots of rosemary, stevia, orageno, parsley, and cilantro. And lots of basil. And probably others that I forgot.

We've got most of the flowers in, too. All the verbena and lantana is starting to come back, and some others we didn't expect, like the daisies and dianthus. And of course, it's wildflower time!! Yay!!! I'll try to post some pics from around this place soon ... and now, I need to take a nap to sleep off the huge Mexican lunch I had!

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