Monday, March 19

Zzzzzz ...

Oh! Sorry! I was asleep there for a minute. Won't happen again. Sorry.

I am sleepy, though. But, to make up for lack of posts, I present to you something special, wonderful, that I love with all my heart. My babies!!! First, we have Evie and David with Evie's bear, Emily:

Here's Sam and David before church a few weeks ago. You can't see all of it, but both of them have on khakis and long-sleeved button downs, Sam has on a sweater, and David has on a sweater vest. I wanted to eat both of them right then and there.

Here's just David, my ever-so-sad and discontent baby.

Sam and David really do get along well. Sam thinks his little brother is the bee's knees, and David already looks up to Sam. How sweet are they? Right after John took this picture, David reached out and pinched Sam's nise, which made Sam laugh really hard!

For those who were skeptical about the idea of potty-training infants, HA on you. :) David thinks it's funny when he has an audience to do his thing.

And last, but certianly not least, this is what happens when you give Sam a camera and teach him how to take pictures.
Actually, Sam really is becoming quite the little photographer. He brings a very interesting perspective to things. I'll post some of his stuff when I can get the camera working again.

And now, seeing how it's Monday, I am off to mop my floors!! New post tomorrow.

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Katie said...

Brea, I LOVE your babies. They're precious! And I laugh to read that Evie is like you were. God bless you.