Thursday, March 8


I am super tired! We're taking a break from school right now, and I'm about to fall asleep!

A note on our schedule: We do our Bible reading over breakfast at 8, then clean up the kitchen. The kids have free time from whenever the kitchen is done until 9:30. We have math or science from 9:30-10, then I feed David. Depending on the weather, I either read outloud to the kids while I nurse, or I kick them out of the house. From 10:30-12, we play, do chores, put clothes on the line (or put away the ones that are there), and plan what's for supper. Then we have lunch from 12-12:30, and David goes down after that. Sam and Evie help me clean up the kitchen, then we do school (learning to read) for one lesson, however long that takes. Usually 20-ish minutes, although it can be longer if either of the kids is extra crabby. :) Not that that ever happens around here ... Then I feed David at 1:30, and everyone goes down for a nap from 2:30-4:30. We usually do another reading lesson before David gets up at 5, then I start supper at 5:30. So that's our day. This is our general schedule, but we rarely stick to everything on it everyday. Life happens.

So back to the part where I'M ABOUT TO FALL ASLEEP!! I don't know why I'm so tired right now, but I am going to completely pass out when the kids go down.

Oh, look, I rambled to keep myself awake long enough to feed the baby. Yay!

A new To Your Health coming on Friday or Saturday.

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