Saturday, March 31

My Dad

My dad is a wonderful guy. I am crazy about him, and I will always be Daddy's Little Girl to him. He loves my kids, is fond of my husband, and loves the heck out of my brothers and me.

Now that we've established that, let me throw this in there: my dad is a little crazy. And unpredictable. And he does things that nobody understands. When my brother Kevin was three or four, and I was seven or eight, Dad decided that we needed the experience of riding public transportation. So he took us to the bus station, the ride the bus that went to downtown Houston. Doesn't sound so bad, you say? Well, he didn't ride with us! Nope, he followed the bus in the car so we could leave downtown at our leisure. A small kink was thrown into the plans when the bus got onto the HOV lane, and Dad couldn't follow. So he's the kind of guy who can roll with the flow, and he drives beside the bus. There was no traffic at that point.

But then ...

The bus broke down. In the HOV lane. Where Dad couldn't get to us. Yeah. Kevin got really upset and cried a lot, it took them at least a few hours to fix the bus, and a very nice lady looked out for us. Totally not kidding about this.

Then one time, Dad met a lady online through Yahoo!Chat, and went to visit her , and the next thing you know, they're getting married. That's great for him, you say? Well, I wouldn't have had any problem, either, except that the lady was from Russia. And didn't speak English all that well. (Well, she could write it, but wasn't so great at the verbal part.) Her driving was awful, she wasn't very nice to us, and her daughter was a borderline major bee-otch. Seriously. And she kept sending money back to her family, and then she went home to visit and just never came back. So they got a divorce. And Dad missed my 18th birthday because he was in stoopid Russia, so yeah, I have some issues.

Then Dad met another lady online, and surprisingly enough, she was from Russia! But this time they didn't get married. She just visited a few times and Dad visited her, and it was over when he offended her (or figured out her game) by saying that he wasn't going to pay for her to visit anymore. Haven't heard from her since them.

Then one time Dad dated a girl that was abut 10 months older than me, and that was just really strange.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe I'll post one of the funnier stories another time.

I'm reminded of all of this because he just came to visit, which was great. We had a wonderful time, and chatted a lot because John is on a retreat right now, and he's jsut a character. I love him. He's my Dad!! :)

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