Friday, March 23

my organic aunt would get a kick out of this

We went to the Farmers' Market this afternoon when we were in town, and got some great stuff! I can't wait for supper this evening. Swiss chard, a salad mix, fresh garlic (you have not lived until you've cooked with real fresh garlic!) a thing for the birds, eggs, asparagus, some goodies for the kids, and spinach. However, I am much lighter on spinach now than when we first bought it. We were walking to another booth, when I heard people laughing. I thought, 'Great, what have my kids done now??' I tunred around, and they were following behind me, polite as could be, eating spinach straight out of the bag.

Oh, well. At least I don't have to worry about chemicals on the food ...

Only my children, I tell you that. I'm just glad David isn't any bigger, cause I know I wouldn't have made it home with anything!

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Love Bears All Things said...

Its great that they eat veggies like that.