Saturday, September 29

Art Class

Sam is taking an art class this semester. The class is taught by Mrs. Barnabas, a very sweet retired public school art teacher. She has told us that she likes doing these homeschool classes (she has at least three that she does) much better than her last job, because how can you teach are without teaching about the One who created all things beautiful? We meet every other Friday at my friend Cynthia's house; there are two groups of kids. The younger group is 5-8-year-olds, and the older group is 9-12-year-olds. I think. Sam is the youngest one in the class, but he does really well. He seems to really have some talent, and I think we all know what parent that comes from. Not the one writing this, that's for sure. Stick figures are about as complex I get (and let's be honest, they're not even well drawn stick figures!).

And this class isn't just 'let's color the flower pink, kids' or 'let's cut some paper!' In the first class, they learned about lines and perspective. Second class was the color wheel, and primary colors vs secondary colors, and how you decided which is which. (John took the kids to talk class, because I was out of town having White Russians at the Skyline Grill and Bar and wearing black heels and generally looking amazing. But I digress ...) This week, the kids are learning about drawing people and portraits. The pictures that Sam did were amazing!! I hope our scanner is up and running again soon so I can show y'all what he's capable of.

And lest you think his younger siblings are left out, don't worry. All the 'youngers' come to class, too, they just don't take the actual class. The kids that are around Evie's age either play outside or in Shawn and Spencer's room, and the little ones crawl around or spend most of their time being cuddled by moms whose little ones have started growing up. It's a bad place to be if you're borderline baby fever-ish, because all the little ones are so ridiculously cute!!

This class is a huge blessing, and I am just so grateful that Cynthia agreed to host it, and Mrs. Barnabas agreed to teach it!!

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