Thursday, September 27

Babies ... Oh, how I want to eat them!

Really, is it any wonder that I want about 6 more kids? Just look at the most recent addition to our family.

He's musically gifted, and loves the piano.

And he can really jam, too. He's got soul, man!!

He's concerned with his health. He makes sure to eat a balanced diet, consisting of grains, veggies, and fruit. And sometimes some cheese, but only when I drop it on my kitchen floor and he gets to it before I can clean it up. But he makes sure he eats his recommended daily allowance of fruit. See?

And he takes pride in it, too. See how happy he is? (And no, he didn't slaughter anything, regardless of how it looks.)

But more important than all those things, he's a family man. Family comes first, and he makes sure to show love to each member of our household every opportunity he gets. This can include kisses, big smiles, waving and saying 'BYE' as we enter the room, licking our faces and arms, but of course, lots and lots of hugs.

Isn't he just the greatest?? And he can clean up Wedgits and books after he plays with them, too!

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