Wednesday, September 26

Books and more books

I just got home from book club, and had a lovely time as always. The women I meet with every month are so amazing. We're all so different, but we all like and respect each other so much, and we all bring unique perspectives to the table. And there's always a ton of yummy snacks. I do like to eat. :)

We were at Melanie's house this month, all the way out in Dripping Springs. She has such a lovely house, and she's such a lovely person. I really admire her a lot, and look up to her in some ways. And she's so much fun!! But it takes me over an hour to get to her house, so I had to leave and run back, because Hannah was watching the kids.

She said everything went well, and that my kids are very sweet and well behaved and she likes them so much. I swear, if I could have hugged her through the phone when she told me this, I would have. Seriously. I know that my kids are peachy, and I love them to death, but it's really nice to hear from someone else that they are well behaved. Cause Lord knows they have their moments. :)

And she cleaned my kitchen!! My goodness, lawsie mercy!! I'm going to get her a happy, because I didn't even notice until after she let, and didn't get a chance to say thank you.

Hannah is another person I admire a lot. She's very quiet, like me. Ha!! I almost wrote that with a straight face ... Anyway, she's just a doll, very sweet, but strong in what she believes, and maybe the kindest person I've ever met. And did I mention that she likes my kids??

We're going up to Georgetown tomorrow to see John's grandfather, who isn't doing too well. These next few weeks will probably be his last; please pray that he will be comfortable. His name is Jim.

Now, I'm off to bed, because I had the strangest dreams last night that kept waking me up. I normally don't have dreams like that, but they were crazy last night, and I'm beyond exhausted at this point ...

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