Thursday, September 13

Coming soon ...

A post about Nikki, my retarded chicken. As in, brain-damaged retarded. Seriously.

My handsome husband and Sam left a little while ago to go to Dale's house for the night out in Katy; I miss them already!! They'll be back tomorrow morning, just in time for me to give everyone a kiss and leave for Houston, because MARGARET AND SARAH AND I ARE HAVING A GIRLS' WEEKEND!!!!! We're staying at the Hilton Americas, and having dinner and drinks out (although we have absolutely no idea where yet ...), and then doing brunch. Imagine, me!! Doing brunch!! I don't do things like brunch. It's all very wild and crazy. And I'm going to wear my fab black skirt and heels and I may even paint my nails. And wear lipstick and mascara. That's right, you heard me. :)

I am so freakin' excited that I don't know what to do with myself. I guess I'll try to get some retarded chicken pictures to go along with the next post.

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Sarah said...

i'm more freakin excited than you are!! i CANNOT wait!!!