Thursday, November 1

And Tomorrow I'm Off Again!

Goodness, it has been a crazy few weeks! But good, fun, I had-a-great-time crazy, not like the never ending 10 days of driving we recently finished up. Between last Sunday, and the Sunday before that, we saw the Ellisons 7 times. That's a lot in one week! I think I'm going through Kristie withdrawal right now. :) She hosted a ladies' brunch Saturday, and spent the week getting ready for that. The house that the Ellisons moved into is the cutest thing; I love the layout!! But ... the wallpaper. It was bad, and it was everywhere. She's finishing up her kitchen, which looks completely great, but has been taking up her time. So she looked at the horrid sea shells in the bathroom and decided that she would rather have bare walls and no mirror, than have people think she approved of those sea shells.

So we ripped a lot of wallpaper off last week, and she watched my kids when I went to book club, and I watched her kids while she got ready for the brunch, and we saw each other at art class, and at church ... and my kids are bummed that we're not getting to see them this week! :)

We've been running errands this week, and now we're preparing for this weekend, which is going to be a great one. John and Sam are going camping with my dad and my younger brothers Wesley and Kevin. Please note, I would love to say 'my little brothers' but that would be totally incorrect, since they have both towered over my for years. Hateful tall things. But I digress ... And where are they going camping, you ask? Well, Mexico, of course. Where else would you go? They'll get to fish, and have fires, and do all kinds of manly things. They're all looking forward to it.

Evie is going to stay with Sherry, John's mom. We're meeting her off 290 (she lives in The Woodlands), dropping off Evie, and David and I are going to stay with my mom Friday and Saturday night. I'm very excited!! I'm going out with some friends from high school Friday, then I get to (hopefully) see Sarah on Saturday, and take Dale and Jenni a baby gift for their new arrival.

Oh, and I taught myself to crochet the other night, and have started a new scarf for myself. I like scarves, and I have decided that I most definitely prefer crocheting to knitting. It's much more forgiving to people who pay little to no attention to what they're doing. Hypothetically.

Sam has learning to play A Mighty Fortress Is Our God on the piano, and at first I was so proud. It's one of my favorite hymns, after all. And now I want to tear my hair out every time I hear it, which is approximately every 4.7 seconds. I have got to teach that kid a new hymn before I wig out and take an ax to the piano. Seriously.

God is really working in my life right now, in some great and wonderful ways. What an awesome God He is. Loving, full of grace and mercy, infinitely forgiving and patient, and just so good to me. I hope to expand on this topic soon, but please pray that I would be open to what he wants me to learn. There's so much I don't know!!

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