Tuesday, November 6

My Dad, part 2

My dad is an interesting fellow. I love him dearly, despite some of the strange things he's done. He met a woman online, and he visited her once or twice, and they ended up getting married. Did I mention that she lived in Russia? It didn't work out, what with her being a huge bee-otch. But it does make for an interesting conversation.

My dad has always loved to read. He has different tastes than I do, but he always encouraged me to read. He never tried to get me to read what he liked, but he did give me two book that I will forever love. The first is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Excellent book, very instrumental to me for a time in my life. The second is Listen to the Warm, by Rod McKuen. It's a poetry book. I've always had an aversion to poetry, but I recently figured out it was the whole rhyming thing. I don't like that. As it turns out, there is plenty of great poetry that doesn't rhyme, and I'm discovering it. (Thanks, Lynds!!)

from Listen to the Warm, by Rod McKuen


We touch.
You can't do more when crossing streets
with mannequins in windows looking back.

I try to match your step-
that way I'm sure of staying close.
You smell like love.
That must be so
for what I smell is dear to me and new.

And so a little walk through town
becomes a journey
a love vacation from ourselves
but with ourselves.

Everything you say is funny
or beautiful.

Dad, thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful book. It's funny, sweet, touching, and, sad at the same time, but I love this book so much. I'm going to go sit in front of my fire and read some more.

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