Friday, November 2

Methinks it's time for a change

Sam got up this morning, and immediately curled up on the couch under a quilt in his jammies. This is not out of the ordinary; we do this pretty much every morning if David isn't awake yet. Sam can't get dressed until David is up, because David is a very light sleeper and wakes up if Sam starts rummaging through the closet for clothes. I'm love a chilly house in the mornings; I can drink my very hot coffee and put on a sweatshirt and thick socks. Apparently, not everyone shares my love.

Sam never sleeps in a shirt. Ever. Even when he's awake, it's like pulling teeth, trying to get that kid to wear something on his top half. We've been telling him to wear a bedtime shirt at night, because we don't turn the heater on unless it's below 40, and even then, not always. It stays very warm upstairs. Warm enough that Sam takes off his shirt as soon as he gets in bed, saying that he's 'way too hot' to leave it on. I have bigger hills I'll die on, so I let him.

After he got dressed this morning, I noticed he looked strange. A little ... I dunno ... puffy. And his shoulders looked abnormally large. I realized he had layered some shirts. We're getting ready to run some errands, so I told him he could only wear one shirt, and to go change. He came back a few seconds later, asking for help getting his shirts off.

I helped him get off the first one. And the next. And the next one. And the fourth one. And then the last one.

He was sweating under all the layers.

What a strange kid. I told him that if he gets cold, he can wear one shirt, and one sweatshirt. Not one long-sleeved shirt and 4 t-shirts. No wonder he looked like a linebacker.

And with that out of the way, off we go!!

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