Friday, November 16

Mom of the Year Award, pt 2

Well, I did much better yesterday. I let the kids make their own breakfast (it was a good day in my world when I figured out that they could pour milk without my help!), and then we straightened the house. And played around for a while. Then I took a nap at 10. But I couldn't sleep, so I got out of bed at 10:30, cleaned the kitchen again (how does it get so messy??), and went in search of my children and husband, who I had lost by this time. They were out back clearing brush and cutting firewood. Well, Sam was climbing trees, Evie was digging a hole and eating dirt, and John was clearing brush and splitting firewood. But who's keeping score?

Sam fell out of a tree, and after getting injured, decided that it was far too cold to be outside. It was about 60, but hey, we're from Texas, and we get cold really easily. I was about to have a stroke, I was so excited the first time this year we were able to have a fire. It was 60 outside that night. Please don't tell anyone from up North ... Yankees, as we like to refer to them. But I digress ...

So Sam came inside, and he and I did school before David woke up. Then I avoided making lunch and doing any form of work by chatting with John after he came in. I did a good job of avoiding, too, because we didn't have lunch till 2. I ran some errands (mainly getting more chicken scratch, cause we were out), came home, played with the kids, and we all watched Jeopardy together. I don't like to watch Jeopardy with John, because he won't guess. What kind of person watched Jeopardy and doesn't guess the answers?? What a weirdo.

Then John started a fire in the grill, and I made rosemary roasted veggies, John's favorite side dish ever, and some yummy rolls. John grilled steaks, and they turned out beautifully. I love a good, medium-rare steak. We made a fire in the fireplace, and then I made cocoa. For those of you who haven't had my cocoa, you have no idea what you're missing. Martha Stewart wishes she could do cocoa like mine. (Martha, really now. We must end this feud. Envy is a sin, you know!! Let's be friends again.)

David still has his cold, but he didn't wake up 97 times last night, so I woke up very well rested. I got up, had my quiet time and coffee, said hello to Matt Lauer when I was done, and finally got around to making those pancakes. Ooohhh, they're so good.

It's a beautiful day out, slightly chilly (ok, it's 60 and I'm cold), but clear as can be. I'm going to play with the camera for a while and learn about the settings, then do school this afternoon while John is at work. I'm going to see how that goes; we might have to start doing that.

Poor David. He has a crusty nose and can't stop sneezing. I know it's really gross, but it makes me want to laugh. A lot. I think babies with colds are funny. That's right, I expect that award to be here any day now ...

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