Thursday, November 15

Mom of the Year Award

I'm expecting it to come in the mail today or tomorrow, at the latest. That's right. I've been on a roll the last day or so.

We haven't done school more than twice in like 2 weeks. John has been working almost all nights this months, which is weird, so he's been here every morning. He's very distracting, I must say. Still something I'm trying to figure out when it comes to how to get school done. I've also had friends out twice this week, so I've had to pretend that my house always looks great, and that I put no extra effort into frantically cleaning to make things presentable. Uh, huh.

As mentioned here, David is cutting at least two new teeth, which has made for some sleep-deprived people in our house. Regardless of how hard he wails, he rarely wakes up Sam. I think a tree could come crashing through Sam's window, land beside him on the bed, and it could snow on him at the same time, and he wouldn't notice. So Sam isn't lacking on the sleep. But David usually wakes up Evie, and John, and sometimes moi. (I'm a pretty deep sleeper, too.) He's been waking up at least twice each night for the last few nights, and last night, John was working. David woke up 4 times between 9 and 2. It was great. So I finally just laid down on the couch and let David watch Law and Order with me. And then we watched CNN, then Craig Ferguson. Hey, it kept him quiet, and he's too young to remember what he watches. Right?

I went to bed around 2:30. I was looking forward to sleeping in. Until Evie wet her bed and woke me at 5:53. Yes, I looked at the clock. So I helped her change her sheets, and her clothes, and she crawled into her other bed (she's got a set of twin beds, thank goodness!), and realized that, while completely exhausted, I was wide awake. Hello, coffee! I made my coffee, cleaned the kitchen, which I had totally neglected last night because the baby kept waking up, and curled up on the couch to watch morning news. I don't have a favorite, I watch all of them for about 20 minutes every morning.

Then Sam woke up. At 6:30. What is up with my kids?? They usually sleep well and wake up at 7 on the dot. So Sam and I watched Matt Lauer for a while, and then Evie got up again. I turned on Sesame Street and went to sleep.

I have yet to make breakfast. My kids are watching Curious George, and the snotty baby is on my lap. (I don't mean 'snotty' in a bad way. I mean that I think he also has a cold, and his very runny nose is making him sneeze and get boogers all over me.) This is unusual, because we are usually finished with breakfast and brushing out teeth at 8. John is still asleep. And my kids really don't watch that much TV. I'll be the first to admit that we all have an unnatural love for MythBusters and Dirty Jobs, but those are treats that we watch about once a week.

Also, I just wiped the baby's nose with a sock. It's a clean sock (at least it was), but I didn't want to get up and find a tissue. The sock was on the computer desk because when I tell Evie to put her clean clothes in her closet, she hears, 'Hey, Evie, I enjoy folding the same clean clothes at least 5 times, so if you could put them anywhere except your closet, that would be great. And if you could toss them up in the air first, so they all come unfolded again, that would be even better.' Seriously.

Have I mentioned my love for coffee? They say the French Revolution came about because of coffee. Well, that and the tyranny and the 'let them eat cake' and the American Revolutionary War and the shot heard round the world and all that stuff. But French people sat around and drank gallons of coffee, literally, and started a revolution, we-ell, you know. We all want to change the world. (Sorry, Sir Paul, I had to.) That was when the French were still cool and bad asses and tough, before the Vichy government and all that stuff. Seriously.

Good grief, I need to tend to my family. And stop talking about the French. And how they rolled over when the Germans invaded. And history. And coffee. I'm going to make pancakes. I have a great recipe; I'll post it later. The kids are actually starting to show signs of hunger.

Let them eat cake!!

I wish I had cake, come to think of it. I do enjoy it.

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Val said...

Oh my gosh that was so funny.
"Also, I just wiped the baby's nose with a sock. " I nearly snorted tea!
Thanks for the laugh- and I hope everything gets back to normal for ya'll soon :)