Wednesday, November 28

a few pictures

I don't really have anything worth saying this morning ... afternoon ... so I thought I'd let my family do the talking for me!

Here, we've got a small hungry person in his PJ's, stealing bread of the counter. Yes, that's store bread. I'm so ashamed. This was the day after Thanksgiving, ok! I hadn't had time to make bread. Stop judging me!! :)

Here's my wonderful husband that I am so very in love with, and that cute little baby again. They both love being outside, and David loves to be tall. Because he's not. Kind of like his mother.

Awww, look who's walking!! It's David!! This has just really started in the last week or so, and it's too funny. He's just gotten good enough that he can walk in the grass without falling. He has surprisingly good balance, as opposed to Evie, who can not even be walking and lose her balance and fall down. Kind of like her mother.

Speaking of Evie ... She might have on the cutest skirt you've ever seen, and she might be wearing a crown, necklace, earrings, and a hugh pink ring, and she might even have her hair pulled back in the most feminine style ever, but she'll still hit you really hard in the head with her huge stick. You've been warned, Uncle Kevin and Uncle Wesley. Kind of like ... well, you know.

Look at that! It's a flock of turkeys in a hammock. I think right after this picture was taken, David crawled on top of Sam, which made him laugh so hard (he's raaawther ticklish!) that he kicked Evie, which made her completely freak out, and they all went tumbling out onto the ground. Luckily, that hammock isn't very high off the ground ... and Sam and Evie are used to falling out of it ... and David only looked a little confused about the whole crazy situation before he got distracted by a chicken and went off chasing it.

Oh, and while John was at work Sunday night, someone got a little too close to his car while leaving the parking lot. And when I say 'got a little too close,' what I really mean is 'smashed into the back of.' Isn't that nice? So I've been dealing with our insurance company for the last few days, which would be a chore for most people. Not us, because we've got USAA, and I love them so much that I want to marry them and have their babies. (Just kidding.) (But only a little.)

David is cutting his eight tooth. It's been a real barrel of monkeys, let me tell you. He woke up last night around 9:30, when I had just finished cleaning the kitchen and had settled down on the couch with the book I'm reading. I was just really getting into the book, when I heard the wailing. Poor baby. I waited to see if he would settle down, but he didn't so I went and got him. He didn't want milk at first, though he finally took some later. John made me a fire before he left for his meeting, and that did help calm David down; he just loves to stare at the fire.

But you know what finally did it? I started reading aloud to him from my book. I've always read aloud to my kids before they could/can even talk, and they seem to enjoy it. But this was different. I've never been able to calm a baby down this fast by reading, but I guess he just found the subject fascinating; I know I do. I mean, isn't everyone fascinated by the life of the people of Crete, before the time of king Minos? I mean, this is a really good book!!

I know. I'm a nerd. Don't tell anyone. :)


tinymama'smama said...

What beautiful kids!

jesnicole said...


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Your poor car! Glad Mr. John wasn't in it when the nice person "bumped" into it.

minnesotamom said...

No stinking WAY!!! I thought my husband was the only person alive scouring used book stores for those Durant tomes. And you read them, too. Crazy, small world, it is.

I adore the picture of the kids in the hammock. So cute!