Friday, November 30


I've been talking with an old friend of Facebook (HI MARY!!!), and she lives in Hawai'i. I'm just going to write Hawaii, because I'm just a tourist-y kind of person, and don't feel like being correct. Anywhooo ... After looking at some of her pictures, and realizing that I had pictures from the same places, I went through and looked at my honeymoon pictures. (No, not those pictures. Who says we even have those pictures? Like I'd post them here, even if we did. Get your mind out of the gutter, people!!)

Now, Hawaii was wonderful, as you'll see in a few seconds. I've never been anywhere more beautiful ... except maybe parts of the Hill Country, but that's another kind of beauty. And Hawaii doesn't have bluebonnets, but I digress. Here's the big problem I have with Hawaii. I don't like the ocean! (Shh, don't tell John. He might cry.) I mean, it's pretty and all, but since getting pregnant with Sam (which I was in Hawaii), I have horrible problems with motion. I can't be on a boat, airplane, or lay on the top of the water (snorkeling, etc), without wanting to show everyone around me the contents of my most recent meal. Honestly, I can't even be in the passenger seat in my car for 10 minutes without getting sick. It's bad.

So I loved all the tourist-y stuff we did, like going to the Dole Plantation, or Pearl Harbor, etc. There was this wonderful little bay called Hanauma Bay (I think it's pronounced 'WHY-a-ME-a'), and we went there a few times. The snorkeling was great while I could do it, and i loved laying out on the beach while John was off chasing the turtles we weren't supposed to chase. (He almost got bit by one of them. I wasn't sympathetic. I laughed.) So here's some of our pictures, and for me, a little walk down memory lane, because this was almost 6 years ago.

Here's Hanauma Bay. This picture doesn't even come close to justifying the beauty.
Ditto location. And ditto the thing about the beauty.

This was the view from our hotel room. I know, I know. It was hard to be there. More difficult that you can believe. But somehow, we made it through, and we're that much stronger for it. :)

I don't remember if this was Hanauma Bay, or Waikiki Beach in front of the hotel. Who cares, really? Look at my legs!! I had probably even shaved them. I used to have time to do things like that. Pretend my face isn't puffy, and that my hair is lovely and combed. And that I'm not five months pregnant. But that's a story for another time ...

Just a thought: could my husband's trunks be any LOUDER??? And could we be any more PALE?? Goodness. I know I've always tried to avoid the sun (I'd still like to get carded for beer when I'm 35, thankyouverymuch!), but that's just sad. In our defense, it was February, and while you can go to the beach in Hawaii in February, you can absolutely not go to the creek in Austin in February. I'm just saying.

But seriously, those swim shorts!! My goodness! My retinas!! (Just be glad I'm not posting the picture where he's wearing those shorts and a blue, I repeat: a very, very blue floral shirt. You have no idea the things I have to deal with, people!!)

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