Saturday, November 3

Mmm ... coffee ...

There are many things from my past that I've given up, because they weren't healthy for me. I won't list them here, but I do have this to say.

I. Will. Never. Give. Up. Coffee.

It's just probably never going to happen, folks. One thing I love about my mornings, and getting up to early, is that I'm able to go through my routine of making coffee in the French Press (yeah, I'm old school!), pouring myself a cup, and having coffee with God every morning. I sit down for at least half an hour, read my Bible, pray, make notes, and just have quiet time before the (completely wonderful) chaos starts.

Now, before I got pregnant with Sam, I drank a lot of coffee. I mean, a lot. I worked at Barnes & Noble, one of my favorite jobs I had pre-marriage, and we were the largest one in Central Texas. Actually, I think we were the largest store in Texas, period. And because we were so big, and in such a nice area of town, we had a very nice, very big, cafe that served Starbucks. And I was good friends with the people that worked in the cafe. And they gave me free coffee. :) Yes, you're right. It was a very hard life that I led at the time. :) I used to drink 4 or 5 of the huge cups of black coffee every day!!

Then Sam came along. I never was able to go cold turkey, but I worked my way down to one cup a day. One small mug. And it was half decaf. (Um, don't tell that part to John. He still doesn't know that I switch the coffee that I make for both of us to half-caf when I'm pregnant. :) Hee hee.)

So now, I have exacly one cup every morning, out of the same mug (yes, I wash it every day!). It's about half full of milk, and I usually don't finish even that, but please, don't try to take away my coffee. You're likely to have a finger or two bitten off. I'm just saying.

So why am I now writing my seventh paragraph on coffee? Because the baby woke me up at 4:45, and I haven't been able to go back to sleep, as tired as I am. I'm here at my mom's house, Evie is with John's mom, and Sam and John will be on their way to Mexico in the next few hours. I met my best, most wonderful, and completely beautiful friend, Sarah, and her husband Scott, last night at ... um ... well, at Starbucks. (That's slightly ironic or something, huh? I had tea. Don't judge me.) I didn't get back to Mom's until after 11, and I was looking forward to sleeping in.

But noooo. The silly little baby woke up howling, I mean, he sounded like a wounded and angry bobcat or something. As soon as I picked him up, he grinned, gave me a hug, and giggled. He giggled. At 4:45 in the morning. (What a little brown-noser!!) It should be illegal to giggle that early, I'm telling you.

So now I'm off to start cleaning something, because this post has already become about three times as long as it should be. Good grief, someone make me stop typing!!

New book review coming tomorrow, or maybe Monday, on the Jeub's book, called Love in the House. It's amazing. This family has 13 kids, with another on the way in a few weeks. Buy it now, so we can talk about together over a cup of, well, coffee!


Vicky said...

Hi Brea,
I ran across your comment on Pioneer Woman's blog. I looked you live in central Tx. We live in east Tx., used to live in central Tx. I read over several entries in your blog. You go girl! Sounds like you are a really busy woman. I'm writing you in reference to Oct. 18..the day you were in a funk...You said you'd pick up and move to So. Am. and be a missionary in a heartbeat. And mentioned how good it would be for the kids. Well, Brea, we did that about 30 years ago. Went to Argentina. Did mission work. Raised the kids there. It was good. Raised some extraordinary kids. Did some good mission work. But, believe me...funk lives there, too. "They may change their skys, but not their problems." Don't know who said it, but it was true. Well, I won't preach..I enjoy your blog.

TulipGirl said...

Coffee is my drug of choice as well. I really recommend Old Bisbee Roasters, if you want to splurge on coffee. Delightful.