Monday, November 5


I'm not going to post the book review today. At least, not right now. My brain isn't all that sharp right now. I've been doing housework all morning, and getting everyone back down to earth from this weekend.

I had a wonderful time with my mom. She is pretty much the coolest mom ever, and I love her so much! And she has a MySpace. (Giggles) Is your mom cool enough to have a MySpace? Yeah, I didn't think so. :)

My friend Brian got married last week. Congrats, Brian!! I am so happy for you, and hope you and your lovely wife will have a blissful life together.

I got stood up (kind of) on Friday night, and I'm still a little hacked about it. I was supposed to meet a friend from high school, and he totally bailed on me. No phone call, no email, nothing. So not cool!!!

Vicky left me a very sweet comment (see last post), and since I didn't see a website to find her on ... Thanks, Vicky!! My funk had passed my that evening, I think, and I was basically in the 'poor me' cycle. I finally just got up off my butt, got some stuff accomplished, and made a meal for a friend. I felt all better!! (But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't move somewhere to do missions in a heartbeat!!

John, Sam, Dad, and my brothers had a great time in Mexico. They had fresh (watched em' made) tamales, went fishing, camped, had a fire ... and drove. A lot. But everyone said it was fun, so I'm glad they all went.

I'm so very much taking a nap today. Did that sentence make sense grammatically? I didn't think so. That's how tired I am. Maybe I'll go find the baby and give him lots of kisses. :) Now, where did his big brother and sister put him ... ?

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