Saturday, January 6


Any female (and most males) on the face of the planet knows this feeling: Your FAV pair of jeans starts to develop a very inconveniently-placed hole. You worry, but decide to go try on new jeans. You end up MAD because the copmany that made your old jeans doens't make the same cut anymore. Seeing how it's been three years since you last bought jeans, this is somewhat understandable, yet still maddening.

Weeks pass by. You start washing your jeans on the gentle cycle, in the hopes that the hole will magically heal itself (this never happens, by the way). Finally, you have to admit to yourself that you can no longer wear the jeans in public. It is a very sad day for you.

Then one day, after a two weeks with no jeans, you break down and decide to try on jeans again, just to see if you've calmed down since your last outing. You have. You're trying on jeans, one pair after another, and then ... it happens.

You find The Pair. At first you feel a little guilty, like you're betraying your last loyal and faithful pair of jeans. Then you reason that your last pair would want you to move on, to be happy after they were gone. And the feeling of a well-fitting and flattering pair of jeans is ... well ... bliss. Pure bliss.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am wearing Bliss at the moment, in the form of GAP Boot Cut Curvy Fit Ankle (but still slightly too long on this tiny mama) faded wash jeans.

And I'm just so happy!!

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