Tuesday, January 30


This weather is horrible! Just cold, and rainy, and all around generally icky. Blechhh! The older kids are going completely stir crazy. I think we'll make some banana bread later, so they can help me. They've been helping all morning with chores and things, so they need some fun time! When David gets up from his nap, they'll be able to run round upstairs like the banshees they are, yelling and stomping to their heart's content. :)

As for Candi's laundry challenge, I did pretty well. I got all the clothes in the house washed, but didn't make it to the ironing. So that will be this afternoon's chore. Today, I am going to tackle the bathrooms! Mainly, the one upstairs. For Christmas, we go the kids an easel that has a chalkboard on one side, and dry-erase board on the other. It also has a roll of paper attached to it, so you can paint! Happy, happy, joy, joy. Oh, oh joy. (Are you decting the sarcasm yet??) While I was gone one day last week, John and the kids spent quite a while painting, which is fine with me; I'm not going to do it, I don't do paint. But they had a great time, and made some very cute pictures.

Have I mentioned that this while thing is set up upstairs?? :< Grr. I didn't know that all the paint was still out and hadn't been cleaned up yet when John went to work. I sent the kids upstairs so I could feed David, then I got a phone call, and had to make supper. I kept thinking, 'Wow, Sam and Evie are being so well-behaved! I am so proud of them!'

You guessed it, they were painting the whole time. And to their credit, they didn't paint on anything except the paper. But there were many, many pictures painted, which required new paper each time, which means the old paper had to be somewhere, and there were many water changes ... And then the bathroom looked like several things had exploded in it. So I'm just now getting around to cleaing the whole thing. I tried to convince John that he was the one who left all this stuff out, so he should be the one to clean it all up. All I got was the hairy eyeball.

Eh, it could be worse. And it has been, at times. So I'll take this anyday, expecially knowing how great my kids behaved, and how creative they are. You should have seen some of their pictures!!

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Krista said...

If only you'd posted pictures of the pictures *sigh* but I guess now I'll never know.