Monday, January 29

New Additions

And no, I'm not pregnant. :)

I have a lot of friends who ask for recipes when I start raving about something new I've made, but I'm pretty much the worst person in the world to try and get a recipe from. I will forget to send it to you for up to two years, regardless of how many times you ask me for it. If you don't believe me, ask Melanie, who had to ask me for over two years for my taco soup recipe, one of the easiest things I make. So here are the recipes I love. I'll try to add one or two new ones each week.

Ok, the antibiotics I'm on make me feel upset to my tummy. I started taking acidophilous, and the improvement has been huge! I take one capsul every time I take my meds (twice a day), and I just feel so much better. John would probably say that it's all in my head, but I really don't care. Physical or mental, it's working! :)

So in response to Candi's challenge, I'm doing my laundry today after school. The rest of my house is somewhat presentable, so I'm not going to worry about cleaning anything else, other than sweeping my floors again. My game plan is to get all the dirty laundry in the house done by this afternoon, then spend the two hours during nap time ironing. If I can do that, thenI won't have to worry about ironing for about a week. Yay!!

Please continue to pray for John's grandfather. He will probably die within the next few weeks, and we are asking for prayers that he is confortable, and that when his time comes, it would be completely painless. Thank you!!

So now I'm off to start school and read to the kids while I nurse David. We've been reading the Miller family book about missionaries ... it's amazing!! And the kids just love it, too. :)

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