Wednesday, January 10

This Just In:

We all now hate the letter 'B' because it is from the devil. Seriously. We spent waaay too much time on that silly letter this morning, and have decided to skip it for a few weeks, so that we don't all end up hating each other.

We went to the Guys' house yesterday, and there were probably 9 or 10 kids ther, not including the itsy-bitsies like David. The kids had a blast! All of them took really, really long naps. Gotta love that!!!

I now have a tiny giggling baby on my lap. He just spit up on my fav sweatshirt, but that's ok, cause he's so cute that it's impossible to stay mad at him!!

Tomorrow, we go horseback rinding at the Seales' place. These girls are amazing!! Hannah, who came over last week, is the oldest sister. Their website,, is pretty cool. Check it out and buy one of their CD's. The music is just good, uplifting Christian stuff. We really enjoy it around here.

Off to put Itsy-Bitsy down for his nap now, then heating up some chicken and black bean chili for lunch. Ciao!

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smarshmallow said...

I have been checking your blog off and on for MONTHS; thinking that you probably gave it up, lol!! I miss ya........and have been terrible because I haven't written like I said I would. :) Email me.........'cause I lost we can catch up.

Love in Christ,
~Candi (Homekeeper at Heart)