Wednesday, January 31

I am a Wuss

It's true! I totally chickened out of doing the kids' bathroom yesterday. I made up a zillion other things I needed to do, so I wouldn't have time to get around to the bathroom. On the upside, I got a TON of ironing done, lol!!

My MIL Sherry is going to come visit on Saturday, with a few of her friends. The kids and I are really excited about this. Then Dad, who was in Mexico last weekend and bought me some real vanilla (YAY!!!) and a new b-b-que smoker (huh? but ok!!) is also going to visit this weekend. Mom just bought Wes a new bed set, so she's giving us the set of twin beds she'd be getting rid of anyway. Which means that people actually have a place to sleep when they come visit us overnight!!

However, after this weekend, I am boycotting the world. I will not be going anywhere, and no one can come over here, maybe with the exception of someone who has kids that are the same age as mine. But that's it!! :)

Ok, I must brag on the wonderfulness of my older kids!! I had to run out the the car yesterday afternoon, and when I came back, David was leaning against/sitting with Sam on the couch, chewing on the paw of Smoochie (Sam's beloved stuffed frog). David had been on the couch and started fussing, and Sam went and moved David to that they were sitting together, then Sam had Evie run upstairs and grab Smoochie, so David would have something to play with. Aww!!!

And now, as I am writing and paying bills online, David has been laying on a blanket behind me. He started to get fussy, because nap time is coming up. Without anyone saying anything to her, Evie came up to play with David and keep him happy, even though she had other (more fun) things she could have been doing. This is what it's all about!!

John is still asleep; he had a late night last night. The kids and I are about to sit down to do some school, and then I see a nap in my future ... I just cannot seem to regain any of my energy, regardless of how much I sleep at night! Oy!! I've got a roast in the crock pot, and it smells so good! I can't wait until lunch!!

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