Monday, January 8

school days, school days

Today was our first day of school! Or at least, today was our first day of the new school schedule. This morning, we had math (learning numbers on the measuring cup, then adding 2 cups and 1 cup to make pancakes), writing (playing in the tracing workbooks, then we're working on the letter A this week), language arts (chapter 21 out of Farmer Boy, to be exact), history (we've started the story of Abraham and Sarah), critical thinking (having them paraphrase what we've read in Farmer Boy and Abraham and Sarah), and home ec (they helped me take clothes to the laundry room, take clean clothes to the couch, fold said clean clothes, put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher, feed the cats, brush teeth and hair, straighten their rooms ... also known as chores!), plus some extras like helping me finally put away Christmas stuff and making lunch.

Ahhhh ... the hard life of a homeschool mom!! Classical approach, schlassical approach ... we're unschooling, baby!!

On a differnt note, taking the lights off the tree has made my hands break out in a rash, and I'm soooo durned ichy!!!

Prayer request: John's grandfather had a heart attack on Saturday, and is in the ICU in Georgetown. Please pray that the Lord's will be done, and that Jim would not suffer either way. He's such a cool guy ...


Katie said...

Brea, you're such a good mommy. You make my heart proud.

sarahmolly said...

Have your neighbors died yet? We'd really like to move in next door :)