Sunday, January 21

I'm back!!

Our cable was knocked out for a while with the ice storm (which was awesome!!), and all me bambinos have been under the weather at one point or another, so I've been scarce on the computer. Which has been kind of nice. :)

Life can be so frustrating sometimes!! As some of you know, housekeeping is NOT one of my naturally strong spots. Actually, I am VERY bad at it. I have my strengths, but this sure ain't one of 'em. But lately, it's been a lot better. It started when I was pregnant with David, and I guess it wasn't just nesting, because it's stuck! However, it always amazes me how fast things can go downhill. Within the space of about 30 minutes, my house can go from being very clean to a totaly disaster zone that would probably qualify for assistance from FEMA! I would love to use the excuse of 'I have a new baby and my others are sick,' but that's all it would be: an excuse.

I've had to learn a lot since we moved here last year. Here's a problem I have: I don't see clutter. It doesn't bother me, because I just don't notice it. When I do finally notice it (or when it is pointed out to me), I don't know where to start. I see a messy living room, not a cluttered couch, covered coffee table, and dirty floor. If I saw things the second way, life would be much easier.

It's something I contunially have to work on, because even though I could care less, John really likes it when things are somewhat orderly. And I love the look on his face when he comes home after a hard day at work and the house is clean and smells nice. Is there anything in the world more satisfying? So I work on mot making the messes as big, and cleaning them as I go, and not getting overwhelmed, and taking things one project at a time. And prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Since 'all things' includes blessing my husband and my family by my actions, this verse gives me huge amounts of comfort! Added bonus: it teaches Evie how to clean her house and take care of her family one day. A many-fold blessing!!

On a totally unrelated note: seeing how I do not have the self-control to keep my nails out of my mouth, I have an infected cuticle that is KILLING ME!!!! I am really not whining; it hurts really bad!!!!!!!!! :( Poor me ....

FAbulous blog for those of you who need some inspiration or encouragement:

This is my dear friend Candi, who is very wise and much better housekeeper than I. You can all learn much from her, young padiwans.

Pics of David coming tomorrow or Tuesday, if I can get John to help me.

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smarshmallow said...

OH.........I have tears in my eyes. Thank you, Brea. I *am* good at organizing and cleaning (for the most part). However, I wish I was good at rolling around on the floor and playing with the kids witout giving it a second you are able to do. You are an awesome mom..........and that means alot more than being able to clean house. You are doing a great job, with the job that God gave you to do!