Tuesday, January 23

This just In:

I have very sweet friends!!! (Hi Candi and Sarah!!)

And mastitis. Along with the 102 fever, body aches, chills, and headache that makes me want to crawl into a small black hole and die.

Ok, ok, so maybe its not that bad. It's actually a lot better after only two doses of antibiotics. Yes that's how bad I felt, I actually went to the dcotor!! Shocking, I know. John has been the most wonderful husband ever the last few days, and has been taking care of me in the sweetest way. It makes him very nervous when I get sick, so he has just been great.

I have a lot of guilt when I get sick, because I never get just a little sick. I am either well, or very sick. (On the upside, I get sick about every second never.) But I feel very guilty that I am just laying around doing 'nothing' instead of doing housework, playing with the kids or doing school, cooking, or doing laundry. Well, let's be honest, I'm ok with getting out of doing laundry any way I can. :) So mostly I just try my darndest not to get sick, and to get well very quickly.

Today and tomorrow, I am making food to freeze and take to wonderful Sarah, who is having her tonsils removed Thursday. Well, it's acutally for Scott, since Sarah won't be eating solids for quite a while. But I'm going to see her Friday, so I'm takin' vittals with me. It's what I do.

Please pray for physical healing for my family!! I know it's just that season of the year (and life, considering the kids ages), but I'm ready for everyone to be well at the same time, even if it is just for a week.

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smarshmallow said...

I have tried TWICE to leave a comment and they keep on winding up in cyberspace somewhere.......Aack!

I am sorry that you are sick.....I will include you and your family in my prayers!!! If you are sick you shouldn't be doing laundry. If John runs out of underwear just throw some undies in the washer. *smile*